‘GozNym’ Banking Malware Gang Dismantled by International Law Enforcement

GozNym banking malware

In a joint effort by several law enforcement agencies from 6 different countries, officials have dismantled a major cybercrime network behind GozNym banking malware that is responsible for stealing nearly $100 million from over 41,000 victims across the globe for years.

The United States has charged ten members of the GozNym criminal network who were arrested during several coordinated searches conducted in Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

In a press conference held on Thursday, Europol said the operation was successfully conducted with the cooperation between Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the United States.

GozNym banking malware was created by combining two known powerful Trojans, Gozi ISFB malware, a banking Trojan that first appeared in 2012 and Nymaim, a Trojan downloader that can also function as ransomware.

This is a developing story; please refresh the page for updates.

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